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By JN Feline

{ Tech }
2024apr04 ChatGPT & Q17
2023jul23 Chromium 113 on Linux: a bug
2023mar01 Neurosynapses: a Gallery
2017apr18 Best GNU/Linux/X11 Distros for 2017
2017mar20 Samsung Galaxy J3 Android: Screenshots
2015jun21 ISOquad Flashdrive: SliTaz, Porteus, Xubuntu, Calculate
2015feb07 grml 2014.11 kali wallpaper edition
2014aug30 OpenSUSE 13.1 Rescue GNU/Linux: from yanmirx to noobmaz
2013aug28 Im Genuinely Not Trying to Scare Anyone
2013mar27 Porteus 2.0 Xfce: the Ideal Mobile Boot
2012nov01 10 Things to Do With Your New WM8850 SoC 7in Android 4.0 NetBook
2012aug16 Landfill Linux: the 4G FlashDrive TripleBoot
2012jun30 SliTaz 4.0 GNU/Linux: Nothing but Success
2011may28 LG enV3 VX9200 meets DSLinux: Tetris in your pocket
2011jan10 PCLinuxOS / grml / Damn Small / tinycore: the optimal Linux configuration
2010dec12 DSLinux: from Athena Widgets to Yenta Sockets
2008jul26 My Response to urdvxc / irdvxc
1999jan06 Mainframe Banners on the Internet 1999

{ Global }
2024mar11 Jonbenet Ramsey Lewis & Clark
2023aug06 Bellwether Counties 2020 (with links)
2023may26 One 76fold Pepe mp4 (with PDW gallery)
2023may08 Ship of Fools: all the names
2022nov17 Liberal Heads Explode (lyrics)
2022oct06 Chomsky / Trump Intersectionality
2021mar05 Cossacks Playing Tetris (lyrics)
2021mar03 President Trump: a final word
2020oct10 My SARS-CoV-2 Post
2020jan11 Baron von der Pshik (lyrics)
2019aug20 Ghislaine for DNI
2017feb21 Conservative Memory & the End of Milo
2017jan20 The Bear that Ate Bono
2016nov26 My Picks for Trumps Secretary of State
2016nov24 Reflections Upon Reading Bannon
2014may24 Steampunk Skinhead (lyrics)
2013aug04 Fundamental Murrican Dichotomies
2012mar05 Makowgate: a study in cointelpro
2011apr21 Miraflores to Peshawar
2011apr14 One Large Commercial MP3
2011apr04 Bolsheviks, Broadcast, Bulldozers & Blogs: Soros & the Arab Spring
2011mar23 Yesh We Can! Dr Ayesha for President 2016 (!)
2011mar12 Im a Bangladeshi expat (lyrics)
2010jul11 Intergalactic Aliens Fixed the Macondo Blowout

{ Local }
2024apr08 Poplar Bluff Eclipse 2024
2023jul02 MP3s Currently on Flashdrives
2011feb02 TeaGardens Arcata fire 1 pic
2011feb01 I am now a fugitive
2010jul24 the ensign of Hanuman
2010jul20 Eureka Pitbull Bitch from Hell
2007jul07 The Mad Traildigger in the Hamilton Gulch
1991jan01 Readings at Harlan Hatcher 1990

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