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Im Genuinely Not Trying to Scare Anyone

Jon Nileprecinct Feline


Im carrying around a 512M/4G Android 4.1 wifi netbook loaded with images, MP3s, videos, PDFs, eBooks, & webpages. & yes itz bright green.

The WM8850-mid Android 4.x Netbook

"But ... but ... itz bright *green* ..." I attempt proactively to calm those who seem to recognise what this represents. "In most instances no charges will be filed. Nor does the demise of Ballmer, Cupertino, Redmond, & Raleigh imply some catastrophic implosion of the offshore banking schema & the simultaneous rise of an inevitable collectivist technocracy. There will be an enormous amount of -- shall we say -- economic activity as the current GNU/Linux distros are retooled for embedded & a generation of XP era point of presence apps are converted to Android & its successors. & there are powerful interests who can easily imagine all the server hardware running ARM & decreasing its energy footprint by 75%."

You are pwned

Yet its true theres nothing left. Noone would want to buy a windows anything. Noone wants an apple anything. Noone needs a "laptop". Soon microsoft technology will be illegal in many countries. Android is Linux. As an end user what I need is an irc/ftp/imap client with a flash enabled browser, 2 USB ports, digital stereo, ethernet & hdmi, & an 800x480 display with a keyboard for $80 delivered. Oh & the ability to install javaphone apps from the googleplay ecosystem of course.

what would you call a smartphone without the phone ?

A funny thing happened on the way to the desktop. The internet was invented. & the Linux type OS long ago proved itself more than sufficient for both server & consumer applications. Its over. Im not trying to scare anyone. Honest.

Addendum: its done; stick a USB keyboard in it. I did

An ethernet connection & HDMI monitor completes the picture, particularly with a USB keyboard which thanks to M$ actually has an Android Menu Key right next to the right-ctl. Despite the obvious viability of Android on the desktop, Ill still fire up GNU/Linux for power file management & tasks such as image editing, mp3 tagging & CD burning. Why not considering how well X11 works with VESA cards?

the signs are clear

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