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Conservative Memory & the End of Milo

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

Best. Election. Ever.

to fully understand trump & milo its helpful to look closely at the focus on the breitbart operation. breitbart trafficks in islamophobia merely because they are israeli zionists (as opposed to eg pam geller who is a domestic zionist), & thus various islamophobes can become attracted to them, particularly certain offkilter examples of "alt-right" types. trivially, the operator of gateway pundit & even daily stormers anglin immediately betray their own islamophobia as resulting from their gayness or at best their disinterest in taking issue with homosexuality & by extension its peddofeeliaque [http 412] tendencies. ironically this leaves hunter wallace, a racial nationalist dixie heterosexual parent as the only sane voice among those loosely affiliated breitbart fans who cannot bring themselves to adopt an ethnoagnostic position such as bannons "economic nationalism". but in fact the whole thing cannot possibly boil down to a single unifying species of islamophobia, as trump himself has always demonstrated by his rejection of geller & his unyielding focus specifically on the extremist elements of islam.

trump draws the line at pam but pam doesnt draw the line at trump

on the night of the milo implosion hunter wallace quoted quite appropriately from a passage carried in the usatoday:

“In fact, while America was losing wars abroad and jobs at home, elites seemed focused on things that were, well, faintly ridiculous. As Richard Fernandez tweeted: “The elites lost their mojo by becoming absurd. It happened on the road between cultural appropriation and transgender bathrooms.” It was fatal: People believe from instinct. The Roman gods became ridiculous when the Roman emperors did. PC is the equivalent of Caligula’s horse.”

indeed people believe from instinct, & much of flyover murrica (like many in the alt-right) had given little or no thought to milo & what he might represent even after he inspired campus violence which erupted into mainstream headlines. to others the idea of a gay brit with an israeli budget in a bus forging key parts of an erstwhile stateside conservative agenda is of course patently absurd. in fact the egregious stew that is the progressivist nexus had long been one undifferentiated package deal, which is why it ultimately became counterproductive for particular elements of it to isolate themselves & begin to spill over to the trump era rightwing.

more specifically, although much of the leftwing damage could not conceivably be undone, & had indeed been left unaccounted for in the rise of a vague feeling of "cold anger", the revulsion on the rank&file right was similarly a package deal. in fact it was composed of opposition to corporatists such as ben&jerrys, bedbath&beyond, homedepot, target, & starbucks inexplicably promoting agendas such as gay marriage, transgenderism, abortion, profiteering from fetal body parts, peddofeelia [http 412], unrestricted immigration, & tolerance of islamic extremism, all of which began to incur manifest pushback during & after the transition to the trump administration.

would you rather bomb target stores or target bomb stores ?

californias decriminalisation of child prostitution in the waning moments of the obama administration typified the hubris of the leftist elites. it came out of nowhere with no popular mandate, & became law as rapidly & inexplicably as the gay marriage diktat which itself was the result of judical activism overturning democratically established statutes in a large number of individual states. in the case of milo there was once again significant "libertarian creep" on the right, with its aversion to big government & advocacy of gun ownership contrasted starkly with its specifically chartered inclusiveness which is in essence an adoption of the leftwing notion that acceptance of homosexuality has something to do with tolerance or even free speech. thus the berkeley antifas which so adroitly caused his evac didnt necessarily have to be soros funded paramilitary vandals. they just as easily could be trump supporters in full face balaklavas.

thus all it would take to finish throwing the guy under the bus would be to broaden his putatively overlookable drudge style gayness into an explicit agenda calling for the normalisation of peddofeelia [http 412], whereupon the simmering disgust of the flyover conservatives would manifest itself all the way into the breitbart organisation itself. ironically this wouldnt necessarily involve the doctrinal opposition to homosexuality which nonetheless remains largely intact in the christian denominations. it would become self orienting as ordinary trump supporting folks took notice & began once again to "believe from instinct".

our father who art in heaven

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