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Intergalactic Aliens Fixed the Macondo Blowout

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

After almost 3 months of nearly uncontrolled gushing, the Macondo wellhead obtained a clean new "Transitional Spool" on the morning of 2010jul11. Why now all of a sudden? If its always been a days work for a handful of ROVs to unbolt that obnoxious flange why hadnt it happened yet?

The Power

It should be obvious there is more at play here than a simple break in the weather. The weeks end correspondence between Allen & Dudley was unprecedented. Something with power far above the engineers, businessmen, politicians & commanders gave word something was going to be done. A voice from the heights of the NWO chain of command explained that things would come together in hours which had not been conceivable in weeks. Perhaps there is actually more at stake here, & we were given the help we need thru those ancient arcane channels.

The Timing

Ill be brief & just call your attention to that incredible moment that Sunday morning when the great green cross was finally successfully planted in the mouth of the spewing gusher. Although not widely noted, that moment was the exact instant of the new moon. & no ordinary new moon: a total solar eclipse in faroff places among them Easter Island. & in addition no ordinary eclipse: the penultimate total solar eclipse before the Mayan epoch near the 2012 winter solstice.

After months of delays & helplessness what are the chances this incredible operation would not only occur but occur so successfully with seemingly no holdups & then be completed symbolically at the exact moment of this particular planetary alignment? Especially following that night of pseudosatanic revelry among the posturing robots at the depths of the sea?

The Era

We who witnessed it all on the net are a new breed: we no longer need journalists to tell us what we havent seen. We discover access to our own truths & find worlds weve never known, researching & learning as we go. We find there is far more to this existence than the pitiful conspiracy theories & MSM fantasies. There is in fact a cosmic tension between the forces of light & energy & the tendencies of entropy & decay. There is an elaborate dance involving all the technologies & all the spirits of those aware of the grand drama. & the unbelievable synchronicities bespeak more than evidence of a miraculous choreography: the signs are clear. Make of them what you will.

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