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Ghislaine for DNI

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

Nothing to See Here

Following the end of the Epstein operation there are various theories as to what is going on. Many observers credit Trump or the "Trump Justice Department" for proving theyve had enough & are taking the initiative now that the Mueller investigation has concluded. Others are more eager to point to the Clintons, exercising their indisputable control over the SDNY & setting the oilwells ablaze as they hope Trump will go down in flames with the rest of the Epstein patrons. Still others view it as a direct message from the Rothschilds, making it clear to Trump that he has not gone far enough with the zionist mandated destruction of Iran, or even that he has in fact gone too far with his unprecedented support for the maladventurous strategies of Israel which have the potential to disrupt the globalist banking order.

The unexpected arrest came on the heels of a triad of devastating U.S. mass shooting incidents & served to knock them out of the news cycle. Of course its not about the victims or about bringing the perps to justice, but rather about dismantling a powerful mossad blackmail operation, & the tweet from Christine Pelosi that "it is quite likely some of our faves are implicated" indeed suggests that the impetus derives from the Democrat party apparat itself. Perhaps the Democrats have discovered that with a bonafide zionist in the whitehouse theres no longer any point in allowing Israel to control the U.S. by blackmailing its leftwing politicians, judges, & technocrats. Ironically, one of the "faves" Christine speaks of may be Ehud Barak, who like Prince Andrew was immediately pummeled in his country by his political adversaries.

no, under trump the rothschilds are not the out group

Whose Narrative, Anyway ?

Yet the timing of the mass shootings may be significant, as they were the pretext for the deplatforming of 8chan which resulted in the Qanon project taking an extended hiatus from the normie web. The celebrated final Qanon drop remarked "Coats Before Declas", simultaneously calling attention to the pending transparency regarding the Russiagate hoax & the reality of the power struggle engulfing the plethora of stateside "intelligence agencies", many of which find themselves falling behind hackers & other NGOs with their far superior internet skills. Trumps admiration for Robert Maxwell, a mossad triple agent with a passion for high life & for determining the popular narrative with his influential media empire, says a great deal. It could almost be argued that Ghislaine is closer to Trump than she is to Epstein.

robert, you think pergamon is cool, wait till you see twitter

Stop Ghislaine

In short, the Democrats goal may not be to "stop Trump", but to "stop Ghislaine". Their fear is not of the hitherto tolerable offshore blackmail operation, but of the very real possibility that Trumps plan all along was to leverage Ghislaines extensive experience with spy agencies & install her as Director of National Intelligence. The carefully released photos of Madame Maxwell at an In-N-Out burger with Ted Gup's "The Book of Honor" resulted in the tome selling out on Amazon in a matter of hours. Thats about as CIA as it gets, & should serve to remind all observers that we are not talking about harddisks full of bleachbitted emails or a few thousand Victorias Secret models here. We are talking about the future of the worldwide intelligence community in the internet era.

madmax for dni ? 17 intelligence agencies concur

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