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I am now a fugitive

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

All Im trying to say

Arcata, is that Ive seen all types of homelessness, all types of spangers, all types of lookouts, & a number of university towns & police forces, & that theres nothing special about Alfred Edmunson. I have met his dog Sophie however & she is in fact precisely the reason CA HSC 122335 was enacted.

& I can tell you why

Let me stress I do schizos & psychos so Cane Corsos are a bit off my beat. Although Al is nearby supervising Sophies tethering most of the time & sits with her often, she still lives on the end of a chain, alone in a confined area between the highway railings with traffic racing past her continuously onto the 101. The standard rhetoric about fight or flight & the psychology of a social animal applies in this situation. Although I personally wouldnt consider telling Big Al how to run his life, the law itself tells all of us that Sophie deserves better & so does Al & the rest of us.

For whatever reason Big Al has been given a pass these decades, as the usefulness of the 1994 Arcata tethering ordinance (AMC5209) seems to have come & gone, & its obviously nonsensical to ask APD to enforce it. HSC 122335 is applicable in these legacy cases where no actionable abuse is evident other than tethering itself, & local authorities have become facilitators. The fact that the site is public property makes it a nobrainer. Any member of the public may at any time request that any given public space be cleared of inter alia hazardous wreckage or illegal activities.

Im not saying punish, fine, confiscate, or empound

Im not anti Al, anti spanging, anti homeless, or anti dog. Yes, fining a spanger just means he has to spange more, & thats a loss to all of us. To me the usefulness of anti-tethering provisions is not punitive, but merely to point to daylong tethering of any 120 lb Sicilian Branchiero seven days a week beneath the 18th st overpass as an act so unadvisable as to be illegal, which over time might be expected to have a lower likelihood of occurrence (ie zero likelihood after 3 hours in each 24 hour period). & no, Big Als dog doesnt scare me or fill me with concern for your children. Please call me inexperienced, but whatever its origin or justification, Ive genuinely never seen such a byzantine display in what could be trying to be a modern university town. & given the exceptional protection he receives, if Alfred isnt a cop he may as well be. The fact that he doesnt wear a badge or have a home is the most obvious sign of ongoing abuse by the community & the police. Hes a vet & hed have to be crazy not to get hooked up with a check somewhere.

Big Al goes to Berkeley

Mr Edmunson would be an elder statesman walking his majestic mastiff along University ave near SanPablo, where spanging is protected 1st amendment freespeech. Once a day he & Sophie could stroll to Peoples Park to be fed polenta & citrus punch by the FoodNotBombs crew, hang with the gutterpunks & crackheads, & then sit on the Telegraph ave sidewalk in tiedyed tshirts before that leisurely walk to the marina in the sunset. Ladies & gentlemen, the war is over. We may all be ready for a break.

I am now a fugitive

Anyway, my apologies to APD, & I recognise it will be impossible to meet with them again, as it would be contrary to my civic duty for me to acquiesce to their continued defacto enablement of Als illegal dog tethering.

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