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Bolsheviks, Broadcast, Bulldozers & Blogs: Soros & the Arab Spring

Jon Nileprecinct Feline


Many of us classical Trotskyites have long had little difficulty ignoring George Soros. Specifically those of us from Alpha Draconis (& others of course from Alpha Pegasi) have learned to disregard the mess he makes in the streets & on the airwaves. We tend to view more favourably the Rothschilds with their odd paintings & photos, their colourful histories & gorgeous mansions, & their ability to stay largely out of sight ("wise as serpents", if you will). Sure they caused WWII, but then again, who didnt? Soros with his meager billions & vociferously egotistical mission seems destined to be a mere footnote somewhere in the vast incunabula of globalist banking. Indeed, hes not a banker at all, but a simple speculator, albeit wellconnected via his membership in the fundamental reptilian organisations. Its easy to dismiss him when carrying on the larger work of the perpetual revolution.

The onset of the socalled "Arab Spring", the events surrounding 2011-02-11, however serves to bring Soros into a different light. With literally tens of thousands of displaced persons fleeing numerous MENA revolutionary theatres, thousands of expats airlifted to their Asian homes, & hundreds tortured, mutilated, & killed, it becomes not imprudent to use the internet to take a quick survey of the intrigues giving rise to the exceptional events across the oldworld. As one might expect, a pattern readily arises & at least one interesting story which I shall present below.

The Soros Programme

As Richard Poe described in his now famous article, the Soros "Open Society" MO consists of a 5-pronged approach which relies on the preexistence of a society ripe for revolutionary change. The pattern of humanitarian infiltration, media creation, destabilisation, opportunistic reaction to an electoral process, & youth takeover has been more or less established in the US & eastern Europe, & recent years have seen its migration to areas of Africa. Soros brings funds & his own progressive agenda including (but not limited to) efforts to decrease innumeracy, decriminalise drug use, foster discussion of euthanasia issues, & improve internet access. Theres no point in fully elaborating here the Soros liberalist schema which is widely documented elsewhere. The fundamental point to be made is that Soros is an educated economic operative, accomplishing his work thru money & socioideological organisation. He truly makes reptilians proud.

From Admiral Horthy to al-Houthi

The awakenings in the Arab nations were thus caused by something more than increased access to Facebook & Twitter & a resulting consciousness of the promises of peoples constitutional socialist mercantile democracies throughout the world. The extent to which the Soros organisations were present accounts for the differences in tenor among the demonstrations of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, & Cote dIvoire, vs the antics in Cyrenaica & Yemen. In the former cases OSI operatives had accomplished the awakening & mobilisation of mature protodemocratic societies. But in the sands of eastern Libya & the hills of the Arabian Peninsula Soros had in fact found little foothold, leaving events entirely in the hands of the CIA & Mossad & whatever jihadist organisations they currently had in tow.

Salafi Littoralism

The Puppetworld Post article aptly enumerating the extent of Soros involvements goes further to suggest that as with all such wars the underlying cause is a confrontation over globalist banking paradigm. Tunisia & Egypt survived elegantly, the latter with little more than an Iranian frigate sailing thru Suez. The Ivorians were not so fortunate, the agitated factions morphing into uncontrollably murderous hordes. The most colourful events of course occured around the Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain where Saudi APCs appeared from across the causeway to disperse the encampment & completely raze the iconic structure at its centre. Yet just as in the events following the recent Iranian elections, the Bahrainis had little doubt what "foreign plot" they had successfully abated.

Dont Let the East Scareya & Dont Let the Westphalia

So much for the people. The question remains as to the issue of Sharia vs Rothschildian banking on the worldwide chessboard in the wake of the global economic collapse. & in fact the banking ties between Bahrain & Iran turn out to be arguably stronger than the putative ties between their Shia populations, as suggested by the formation on 2004jul01 of Futurebank, a joint venture between two wellestablished Iranian banks & the AUB of Bahrain. Although possibly surprising, what is not unexpected is the pressure exerted in 2008 by the US upon the AUB to suspend all business with Iran. The status of the Futurebank venture was asserted on 2008jan23 to be unchanged, however. Interestingly, the IranWatch organisation in Washington made a point of profiling Futurebank later that year to be sure there is no doubt whatsoever.

Notwithstanding which theres evidence that theres more to the story, starting with the construction of the Futurebank headquarters building in the Seef district of Manama apparently in the second quarter of 2009. & for a heavily sanctioned operation which some may expect doesnt even exist, it seems to have had a profitable first quarter that year reporting BD1.8m under its CEO Dr Valiollah Seif. & on 2011mar02 Futurebank reported BD9.1m profit under its current director Gholam Souri. All this with the US fifth fleet still securely stationed nearby & the revolutionaries currently returned to their suburbs by the GCC.


I have no clue what any of this means. Maybe in the morning.


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