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Jon Nileprecinct Feline is a shapeshifting reptiloid from Alpha Draconis. A child genius, he became a musician before graduating from Michigan State & plays Appalachian duclimer & guitar. After working for more than a decade as a COBOL programmer in education, government, & healthcare, he accepted an early semiretirement & hit the streets of Berkeley where he lived with the schizophrenic women, distributed logistical materiel to the homeless, & served as a general community resource for 12 years.

The last 4 years of his tenure were largely spent living beyond campus among the redwoods & wildlife in the depths of the Hamilton gulch. He finally succeeded in becoming good friends with the Head Raver & embarked on a program of intermittent relocations with her to her favourite US cities. After leaving him near her family in the Metroplex for 14 months she transplanted him to Arcata where he once again spent much of his time among the coastal redwoods & continued to devote himself to internet-related artistic pursuits & research.

After more than a decade in Shasta county & with the disintegration & debauchery of Cali entering its inevitable acute phase, he ultimately saddled up that Reverse Pony Express & disappeared into an underappreciated midwestern town where houses can be purchased outright for cash on hand & bright green vinyl sauropods grace the exurban lawnscapes.

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