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Welcome to Planitia Post

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

This site is totally under construction, so dont be surprised if anything strange happens. Let me tell you a bit about whats up.

The basic idea is my own implementation of the blogging paradigm using ordinary HTML in order to create a venue for the presentation of original & acquired documents of moderate size. Normally I create a dedicated webpage only when Ive got alot to say & even then Im often content merely to link to webresources I discover in my research. This is partly because the blogs are so cumbersome to operate but also because I hesitate to host my own copies of material already on the net. This is an experiment in overcoming these limitations.

The task of a webaggregator is propagation not plagiarism, & the key practice is merely to make it clear when material is not your own. Often content is so cloned throughout the web that coming up with an authoritative attribution is an exercise best left for the interested reader, although where appropriate I include a URL to the source. In most cases Im more concerned with improving the spelling & presentation, trusting you can find antecedant versions on the net as easily as I have.

As for original material Im not sure where Im headed. The important thing is to have the platform standardised & in place as I become inspired to create articles & essays. Do be advised that like all my content sites the hosting may potentially change as the blog & the web evolve together. URLs in my eMails & even in the search engines may at some point be out of date so be sure to save anything you consider to be of interest.

So here goes. Hope you enjoy the site (!).

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