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One Large Commercial MP3

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

An experiment in hosting

Readers of PlanitiaPost & patrons of the CircleOmega network in general are well aware that the whole thing is an enormous kludge. Because I refuse to pay for domains, hosting, bandwidth, or in fact for anything other than dialup access, I leave the more demanding architectures to the big guys. I do manage to host my handful of original MP3s but thats pretty much pushing the envelope. Anything else out there I leave in its original place, referenced via links which of course deteriorate with the encroaching webrot over the years.

In this case Im ready to make an exception, as theres something extraordinary about this track. I acquired it during an overnight streaming Audacity session in 2008aug from the di.fm chillout feed, & have no way to determine the artist or its title. It is a startling example of a composition realised in a contemporary tecno idiom using the harmonic minor scale (also known as the Phrygian dominant & popularly as the Hijaz maqam). So without further ado, heres an unattributed 7M commercial MP3 sitting on a tripod server. Enjoy.

Click here to download


ed. note: Bwahahahaha after a decade or so its now possible to feed the track into one of those mp3 recognition sites which identified it at once as Neon Tetra by Umberloid, the legendary techno composition that took the chillout world by storm in 2003. No question I can recognise a sensational piece of music when I hear it. So Ive taken it down from tripod & the link now goes straight to the youtube video.

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