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The Fundamental Murrican Dichotomies

Jon Nileprecinct Feline


The tenor of much of todays policy discussion is so completely defined by the various dichotomies that it seems worth a moment to describe some of them formally. Rather than get unproductively verbose Ill just spit out a chart & point to the false dichotomies of left vs right, democrat vs republican, liberal vs conservative to which most Murricans are accustomed.

               collectivist         corporatist
-------------  -------------------  ----------------
progressivist  US public education  US television
               US public radio      US pop radio
               US jews              fortune 500
               UN / world academia  wallst
               debian / centos      ubuntu / rhel
               garcia / soros       bono / chomsky

zionist        israel / idf         microsoft / nsa
               aipac / US mossad    US neocons
               kapner / rense       simmons / cia

Chart 1: Fundamental Murrican Dichotomies


The above chart calls attention to a number of aspects of reality, as it were. Most Murricans have some notion of who Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, & Kaganovich are, but it is surprising how few are acquainted with Montefiore, Cremieux, Herzl, & Jabotinsky. This is largely because during the coldwar as the bolsheviks migrated to Israel & the new world, their progressivism completely dominated both the corporatist & collectivist sides of Murrican society. Murrican media & corporations never became anything more than zio-agnostic, & US jews are generally uninformed about Israel & more attached to their progressivism or at worst some anarcho-syndicalist justification for libertarianism.

It should be emphasised that there is nothing that can stop progressivism because it is based on activism & mobilisation which by definition no conservative organisation will practice. This is why the US republican party, like the milcoms, doesnt find itself comfortably in either the progressivist or zionist camps & its actions, were they not so dangerous, would be comic. As Fulford notes (2013jul08): "The Pentagon has made it very clear that, after what happened with 911, they are no longer willing to fight proxy wars for Israel. All the bitching and moaning by bribed politicians in Washington D.C. and propaganda outlets like the New York Times is being ignored by a thoroughly disgusted US military establishment."

It should also be pointed out that the strength of Murrican society rests on its secularism which has resulted in egalitarianism, literacy, & the resilience of both collectivist & corporatist institutions to infiltration by theocratic interests. It is also the case that zionism is a specifically jewish & oldworld issue, which is why I dont hesitate to place Rense with the zio-collectivists because of his focus on leftwing Israeli politics. Notwithstanding which the US is far behind modern Russia in the identification & regulation of NGOs & foundations which tend to be fronts for foreign espionage ops. So for those of us carrying a single US passport there is a small class of informed options available & one of them isnt Snowden.


turn ziospooks into commies via gnu/linux. right here in murrica.

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