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Makowgate: a study in cointelpro

Jon Nileprecinct Feline


What can you say (that hasnt been said before) about a Swiss Canadian jewish Christian misogynist who pushes the Protocols? Basically: watch out. This author fortunately gave up on Dr Makow a decade ago merely for his intellectual dishonesty, yet I found myself checking in when he began his much-celebrated cyberassault on Jeff Rense.

Dr Hen. Click image for the egg.

The conduct so far in ths matter by Dr Henry Makow PhD has indeed been "beyond disgraceful". He played the victim card, the blame card, the collectivist card, & finally the "responsibility to protect" card to excuse his blatant disregard for common sense & decorum. Rense had justifiably exercised his prerogative as editor of his own site to refuse Henrys further submissions as they had deteriorated in quality. The resulting internet-based personal attacks are a breach of security & were condemned as such by major players. Jeff patiently & professionally responded to the initial onslaught out of due diligence then issued no further statements as Dr Makows attacks broadened. After he attacked David Icke Henry even admitted he knew little about him & linked to the relevant wikipedia article for the benefit of his readers. I wonder who they are (hee hee).

Henrys work on the web

Ironically, Dr Hen doesnt "need" Rense or Icke to keep his tractates in front of the eyes of netizens. His post-theosophical ramblings are in fact widely propagated to servers in all corners of the internet & are ubiquitous at the tops of google searches for various metaphysical or historical topics. His "PhD" suggests to many that he can be quoted with authority & his works are thus discussed in forums where they are voluminously excerpted. As an apostate he appeals to secularised jews & Christians in the same way as an Atzmon or a Shamir, yet his focus on the Mysteries gives his psychotic writings a spiritual cast even for those uninterested in regurgitated conspiracy . His use of the Protocols allows him to dovetail even with rightwing extremist communities, & despite his wholesale affirmation of the holocaust it should not be underestimated how easily his work thus appeals to islamic readers as well.

Makow should always be ignored, but it should be pointed out specifically that what he says about the Pike/Mazzini letter & Jolys Dialogues -- topics best studied by specialists -- is patently false & is merely indicitave of the landscape of intellectual landmines now littering the net awaiting the uninitiated.

Henrys work with CHRA section 13(1)

But Dr Hen has not merely been busy on the web. It seems his "content" manages to work its way into newsrags sold in Toronto by the erstwhile illegal spangers working with the poverty pimps. Indeed, Canada is not the US. Could you imagine paying a panhandler $2 to receive an "eclectic" magazine containing Dr Makows writings *in print*?


Its interesting to speculate whether Dr Hen actively seeks venues such as this to distribute his work or if the widely available texts are universally recognised fodder for such operations. In any case The Canadian Jewish Congress filed a complaint in 2007 asserting that distributing Makows screeds is incitement to hate & thus prosecutable.


As you can see, it turned into a landmark victory for the free people of the world, revealing the good doctor to be an envelope-pushing protector of freespeech! Were I a conspiracy theorist I might almost believe it was a lengthy planned operation to take out section 13(1), in which case Dr Hen may be a hero, & would be promoting that as one of his chief accomplishments. But he seems a bit uneasy with his role; heres his own article which also describes his hapless experience spamming the wiki:


Thus by 2010 the CJC meme had reduced to "Makow says jews are a cancer", which as he attempts to show above is a disingenuous misquote from one of his articles:


You may have noted that the actual link in the wiki rant is *not* to the article on Makows site (above), but rather to its image over at Rense (!). In fact, the image of this now infamous article -- "Judaism: A Conspiracy Against Jews, Humanity?" -- is difficult to find on Makows site without googling lengthy passages from the text itself. Thats not evidence of a pattern of obfuscation, but it is an example of manifest cyberrudeness: at best he is sponging off Renses bandwidth in an apparent attempt to boost his own credibility, at worst organisations conceivably risk being threatened with shutdown for hate speech merely because their servers are seeded with Makovian nonsense.

A situation in flux

Needless to say, this is the type of affair which makes posts, threads, articles & entire archives disappear throughout the net. As one respondent on the Icke forum observed after Dr Hen posted a satellite image of Renses grounds:


Makow should have never published this and I will tell you why. Rense lives in Ashland, Oregon and if you've never been here you wouldn't know who owns this town.

December [2011], downtown Ashland, Oregon

Last year solstice the town owners put a large lighted menorah on top of the tallest building downtown (the Ashland Lithia Springs hotel), yep its in your face Christian America, lol, of course the city won't permit any Jesus in the manger displays.

So back to Makow vs. Rense. Makow is attempting to take down Jeff on the eve of WW3, but it backfired, as many heavy hitters like Clif High, David Icke sided with Jeff. Makow is publishing personal info on Jeff in a town laced with militant Zionists and ex IDF fresh up the I-5 from LA.

The ADL has a web page for Jeff: www.adl.org/main_Extremism/Rense_Web_Site.htm

Do you see the link between the ADL and Makow? Both are publishing Rense's whereabouts, both want Jeff Rense turned off, permanently, www.rense.com is the biggest anti-Zionist site on the net. We all know they take the opposition websites down just before the false flag or war.

That's what is going on, and it ain't pretty.

[[[.end quote.]]]


Its not unexpected that Jeff would finally want to distance his operation from Dr Hen. In the short term extensive archives of Makows works are at least useful in bringing buzzword-googling newbies to rense.com or onto sites like whale.to or Adachi or truthseeker no matter what "truth" theyre searching for. Longer term Henrys lifelong talmudic filibuster should be discredited summarily & categorically, & his corpus wiped from the worlds servers as a liability & a nuisance, whatever its intent.

As always itz a no brainer . Peace, love, & enlightenment to everyone.

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