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Baron von der Pshik (lyrics)

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

an idiomatic translation

Baron von der Pshik
Where did he get that physique ?
Eating Russian lard like it was chic.

Baron von der Pshik
Is that realpolitik ?
The girls at the boutique think yer a freak.

  Hes on the radio
  In Stalingrad ya know
  Its a charade but oh
  He loves to shriek

Baron von der Pshik
Your futures looking bleak
Those Russians with the rifles dont look meek.

  He lights a cigarette
  Says they havent got me yet
  But a Russian bayonet
  Found him in a week

Baron von der Pshik
Nothing left of his mystique
Somebody throw the swastikas in the creek.

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