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The Bear that Ate Bono

Jon Nileprecinct Feline

Best. Election. Ever.

imagine if you will. rather than kerry & co being trapped inside a parisian eurovenue surrounded by a flood of hyperzionist demonstrators brilliantly illuminating everything from the arc de triomph to the brandenburg gate;


we would have seen bonos triumphant entry into gaza, accompanied by kerry, soros, mccain, & difi, with hillary loudly proclaiming a new universalist era of satanic drone music for the expropriated, & a compelling labelling of the facts on the ground as an afrikaner style apartheid which would have elicited so much sympathy worldwide even the queen wouldnt have to sell redwood decks just to keep the trucks bringing bottled water to the palace.

but someone miscalculated, & it wasnt the weather forecasters in texas or the new jersey high schools. nope, turning alms into aid for angelina is something only the 80s would abide, & that only with a solidly talmudic underpinning. & even that only because of the sympathy of blacks in the united states of america who would hear more than a dog whistle echoing the realities of their suffering & the injustice that gives rise to it.

CY-27 over Area51 2016nov08

in short, with whom did they think their message would resonate ? would the saudis & kurds suddenly start humming along with pseudochristian electromuzak ? would the post lindsey dispensationalists among the evangelicals see the historic kinship between the palestinians & their own apocalyptic expectations ? would the likudniks & settlers thank the apple corporation for preloading their ipads with the new globalist anthems ? sure. apartheid in the levant is the same as apartheid in africa. even breitbart is on board with that.

well, maybe they arent. besides, you really cant bring up breitbart because youd have to explain who they are to maybe one or two members of the murrican public. so for the purposes of this best selling nonfiction work it was necessary to at least allude to the russians & their plans for an azerbaijani railway to go with the burmese pipeline & chinas new silk road. & what an allusion it is.

you might call it the Bear that Ate Bono.

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